Koruma Temizlik A.Ş.

Produces Next-Gen Cleaning Products

Koruma Temizlik A.Ş., in 1963, pioneered the market with the Hypo brand bleach, initiating their journey into the world of cleaning products. With growing production capacity over the years, they have always been a responsive manufacturer, meeting increasing demand in the shortest possible time. They have not only been a manufacturer but also a solution partner for consumers and requesters. Koruma Temizlik A.Ş., with facilities in Kocaeli, Hatay, and Denizli, equipped with advanced technology, has adopted a dynamic strategy to address the changing consumer needs day by day, focusing not only on production but also on meeting the market’s requirements. Thanks to its R&D investments and its vision, it has left its mark on every period with pioneering innovations in the industry. As the concept of cleanliness evolves, we are here once again with our new generation, practical, solution-oriented products that enable cleaning in a shorter time.

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Dish Detergent

Hyper Hypo

Ultra Bleach


Soft Soap

Soda Plus

Washing Soda

Kod 8

Men’s Care Series