Koruma Temizlik A.Ş., In 1963, Hypo started to work on cleaning products as the first company to sell bleach to the market. Beside of the become solution partner with consumers, In response to the customers increase demand with together increased capacity of production over year. Koruma Temizlik A.Ş., which has facilities and high technology equipment in Kocaeli, Hatay and Denizli, responds to the needs of the market with a dynamic strategy determined not only by being a producer but also by day and day changing consumer needs.Thanks to research and development investments and vision, in every era it has left its mark on the sector with pioneering innovations.We are with you again with our new generation, practical, solution-focused and cleanable products in a shorter period of time with the change of cleaning concept.



Koruma Temizlik A.Ş., which created a demand for domestic market demand with an intense tempo since its foundation, has started exporting in 2010. By the year 2014, it has been determined to contribute to the economy of our country by increasing its exports 40 times compared to 2010.